Christmas Bazaar

On November 26, we held our Annual Christmas Bazaar. Whether behind a table or out serving in the tea room, smiles were seen and laughter heard by all.

We would like to thank all those who came out and supported White Oaks, we hope to see you again next year.

Preparing for the Bazaar

Wednesday November 23rd was baking day! Thank you to all who came out to help with this important task. Mini loaves were baked, cooled and packaged, and fudge was cut and plated.


Starting to accept donations. By the time Saturday rolls around, these tables will be brimming full of items for sale. This room, out in the hallway, and our hall, will be full of items, from baked goods, knitting, books, Christmas treasures, and more!

The ladies, and a few men, had a great time cooking, filling and packaging meat pies on Monday November 7th. Lots of laughs were had as more than 300 pies were prepared. They will be available for sale at our Christmas Bazaar happening on Saturday November 26th 12pm-3pm. Hope to see you all there.


A HUGE thank you to those that donated items for the Men’s Mission. We collected 5 large boxes of hats, gloves, socks, underwear, etc. and delivered them on Tuesday October 11. They were very grateful for the donation, and we are very grateful for your generosity.

Chili Cook-Off

What a success!! Many of our local chefs showed off their talents with chili. Ranging from spicy to vegetarian, lot-of-beans and 3-meat, we tasted them all. A big thank you to Beth Wood for organizing this wonderfully tasty event! Also thank you to all of our chefs for sharing in your talent.

In 3rd place, Glenn Waterman. In 2nd place, Sherill Laing. In 1st place, Gail Lewis.

Storage Upgrade

One of the biggest projects over the summer was to organize all of our storage spaces. The biggest problem area was the portable. We want to thank those who came out and helped empty and clean it out so we could build proper spaces for our different groups. It was a hard job, and it wouldn’t have been done without you. Thank you! This started out as a smaller project, but quickly escalated when it was realized that the spaces that were used were not appropriate for the groups using them. This made for some late nights and early mornings cleaning out spaces and building shelves. Some new rooms were built in the portable to house other groups, and some groups were moved from their current space to a new space that would make it easier for them. We want to thank all those involved in coming up with an idea, building the shelves, installing, and just overall your hard work. Thank you!

Shed Upgrade

The shed was in some dis-repair, but over the summer some hard workers were up for the task. Replacing rotten wood, and residing the shed to make it look brand new. Thank you to all who lent a hand fixing up the shed, and feeding our hungry workers. Thank you!

Yard Sale

Many hands indeed make light work! We want to thank everyone who helped out with this event! From donating your items, to setting up & organizing, to selling, to cooking the hotdogs, to counting the money, to helping clean-up, to delivering sold items. We can’t thank you enough!!

Hope to see you all again next year!

Shoe boxes

Thank you to all those who filled and decorated a shoe box. We had more than 60 boxes to deliver to the Abused Women’s Shelter. They can’t thank us enough for all of the generosity we have shown them. A special thank you to Dianne W for organizing this great event, as well as Ken & Betty H and Sharon P for helping to deliver all of the boxes.

Thank you again!

Fashion Show

On April 9, we held our spring fashion show. Showing the latest spring and summer collections made available by Northern Reflections, with jewelry by Magnolia & Vines. We even had a little one do some modeling of the jewelry. Many thanks to the models and those in attendance, we were able to supply the food pantry with many needed items.

Murder Mystery Dinner

On March 5 we held our murder mystery dinner. We were transported to the 1950’s at a backyard BBQ, where we found our body, and many different characters, including a Russian immigrant, a beauty pageant queen, a mechanic, an actor, a gossip columnist, just to name a few. After many accusations, jokes, puns and laughs, we did find out who the murderer was. Many thanks to all those who were behind the scenes, making dinner, setting up, and cleaning up afterwards. Also thank you to our actors, you were fabulous!