Christmas Bazaarbazaar7bazaar5bazaar6

On November 25, we held our Annual Christmas Bazaar. Whether behind a table or out serving in the tea room, smiles were seen and laughter heard by all.

The cold and wet weather didn’t keep people from coming in. We would like to thank all those who came out and supported White Oaks, we hope to see you again next year.



A HUGE thank you to those that donated items for the Men’s Mission. We collected 2 large boxes of hats, gloves, socks, underwear, etc. and delivered them on Thursday October 11. They were very grateful for the donation, and we are very grateful for your generosity.


Fashion Show

Showing the latest fall and winter collections made available by Northern Reflections during our fashion show on September 30. Many thanks to the models and those in attendance, we were able to supply the food pantry with many needed items.

Chili Cook-Off

chili cook off 1A Big Thank you goes out to Beth who organized such a wonderful event
Thank you also to all of the participants who put their hearts into making their chili for us all to sample.
Our stomachs were filled and our souls satisfied.
Congratulations to our winner of best chili 2017 – Brittney

Yard Sale

TREMENDOUS RESULTS!!! We made a profit of $2986.00 which will go towards the workings of our church.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the yard sale another great success!

Shoe boxes

Thank you to all those who filled and decorated a shoe box. We had 93 boxes to deliver to the Abused Women’s Shelter. They can’t thank us enough for all of the generosity we have shown them. A special thank you to Dianne W for organizing this great event, as well as Ken & Betty H and Sharon P for helping to deliver all of the boxes.

Thank you again!

Servery Enhancement

The cabinet doors are now installed. The ceiling has been put in. The fridge and one of two freezers are in place. Not much longer now……

The cabinets are getting installed!! The counter-top is going in!!

The cabinets are being built. The floor is going down. The walls have been painted. Lots of progress this week!!

Our volunteers have been hard at work! Getting our electrical up and running, putting in the door leading into the pantry area, and of course, taping and muding, muding and taping.

Filling the holes in the block wall. We want the cabinets sitting perfectly, without the wall looking like Swiss cheese.

More work getting done! Drywall on most of the walls are up now! You really get a sense of what the space will look like.

Our cupboards were delivered! Boxes upon boxes of cabinetry.

Over the past week, the guys have been busy dry-walling. It’s a tedious but necessary task, and we thank all those lending a hand in it. Seeing the dry-wall up, really gives a feeling of -almost there!-

Building the wall for the new pantry space, electrical work being done, and the new ceiling starting to be framed in.

The wall is up! Now we can visually see how much bigger the space is!! Also the window was installed. Let the natural light come into the servery space!

Things are moving along a such a quick pace!! Tiles are removed and the base plate for the new wall was installed.

One of the first things that was said that was needed in the new servery space was a window. A LARGE window!

The wall is coming down, making the servery a bigger space!

The ceiling has come down and ductwork removed.

The Demolition has begun! Our volunteers helped to remove the cabinetry and old appliances. Next step is to start to take down the block wall.