Faith in Action

White Oaks United Church Outreach

Our Pastoral Care Committee is made up of a dedicated and loving group of individuals whose mission is caring for members of our church family, and the most vulnerable in our community.

Prayer Chain –

The White Oaks United Prayer Chain Team would be honoured to pray the prayers of your heart and mind. Please contact Barb Barrow(519-660-0511), Rev. Michelle Owens, or the church office to make your prayer requests know to us.

Prayer Shawls

The knitting (crochet) process starts with a blessing, prayer or wish said, dedicating the work of the knitters hands and the intentions of the receiver and continues until the shawl is completed. One Sunday, during worship, all the new prayer shawls are dedicated to those who have made them and to those who will receive them. Made in prayer, as prayer, the shawls are passed on hand to hand, heart to heart to those who are ill and to those who are experiencing difficult times, and it reminds them that they are never alone.

Ark Aid Street Mission –

We support the work and ministry of the Ark Aid Street Mission Inc. at the First Baptist Church in downtown London. They are dedicated to helping anyone in their time of need, regardless of colour, race or creed. They provide holistic services for the WHOLE person, realizing they need to discover or re-discover for themselves VALUES for their life. Holistic Services: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual.

Mother’s Day Gift Bags –

58 Gift Bags were delivered on May 4, 2022 to the Women’s Shelter in time for Mother’s Day.

Gift bags are filled with personal care items for the London Abused Women’s Shelter, for women who suddenly have to leave their home with only the clothes on their back. These gift bags are given to the shelter on Mother’s Day and are proof that they are not forgotten and that someone cares for them.

Alzheimers Sunday –

One Sunday in September during coffee hour, after a worship service, we remember and donate to the Alzheimers Society.

Sock it to Me –

In the fall just in time for Thanksgiving Day, we remember the men who have come upon hard times. Together we collect socks, underwear, scarves, hats and mitts for the men’s mission in downtown London. These items are well received by the people on the streets during our Fall drive.

Christmas Drive for the London Community Chaplaincy –

Weeks before Christmas, we are visited by the MAGI women of White Oaks United Church, who help remind us of the spirit of Christmas. We collect items that we can relate to in the time of Jesus’ birth. The first week, we collect bus tickets representing how Mary travelled on a donkey to Bethlehem. Getting around to appointments can be difficult when you do not have a car. The second week, we collect diapers, sleepers, hats, mitts and underwear for both boys and girls. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling cloths after his birth. The third week, we collect food items, especially breakfast items, and snacks that children could take to school. It is so important that children have a good start to their day and have full bellies to concentrate at school. All items collected are placed under the Christmas tree in our sanctuary, and on the last Sunday, we dedicate these gifts and present them to the London Community Chaplaincy in time for Christmas Day.