Staff and Council

At White Oaks United Church we spend most of our time focusing on worship and caring service, but the work of the church requires all kinds of activities, including more governance-focused groups.


The Reverend Nancy Waterman

Nancy pic

In over 30 years of ordained ministry Nancy has served with urban, suburban and rural congregations, focusing on helping people to find the joy and strength of the Christian faith, in good times and times of struggle.

She moved to London from the Greater Toronto Area and began her ministry with White Oaks United Church in the fall of 2014.

Her husband Glenn Waterman is Vice President of Development and Marketing with International Justice Mission Canada. They have two daughters who, having recently graduated from their respective university programs, are out making their way in the world.

When not absorbed in ministry she has a passion for hiking, working out at a local gym, and hosting friends and family.


Brittney McAuslan – Administrative Assistant

brittney picBrittney joined our team in 2015, but has been attending White Oaks since 1991.

She is a Londoner, born and raised, is married and has 2 children, who like to keep her on her toes.

Her hobbies include reading, scrap-booking and spending time with family and friends.





Jordanne Cameron – Nursery Caregiver




The Church Council functions to oversee the life and activities of White Oaks United Church, and to assure that these reflect the mission of the church. The council consists of Committee members, a Chairperson, a representative of the Board of Trustees, the Church Treasurer and president of the United Church Women.  The Minister attends all Council meetings, providing spiritual council and leadership.

If you have a question for a person of the Council or require information regarding the management or governance of White Oaks United Church please use the contact information below.

Name Title Email Phone
Geoff McAuslan Chair of Council 519-913-1750
John Schulze Vice-Chair of Council 519-641-4723
Carol Kinoshita Helping Ministries 519-685-0350
Kathy Harris Sunday School 519-451-0055
Dianne Waite A.A. Group 519-685-7393
Families First Mom & Tots Group 519-649-1248
Brenda Keasey-Harter Scouts, Beavers and Cubs Group Administrator 519-668-3725